oneAPI for All: a New Initiative for Industry-wide Innovation

There’s a lot of data. There’s a lot of need for compute. [Which means] there’s a huge need for different architectures to handle that type of compute. — Jeff McVeigh, GM of Visual Computing Software Products, Intel Corporation.

In other words, when it comes to the diversity of hardware and the growing need for specialized workloads, one size no longer fits all. Development and deployment must necessarily span more than one architecture—from scalar (like a CPU) to vector or spatial (like GPUs and FPGAs) and other accelerators.

It’s a universal problem and, according to Jeff, the impetus and motivation for oneAPI. In this 6-minute video, he discusses the new industry initiative, including:

  • What it is in a nutshell
  • The industry-wide and developer-specific issues it solves
  • How Intel is driving—and delivering to—this open strategy

Watch it.

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Jeff McVeigh, Vice president in the Intel Architecture, Graphics and Software group; general manager of Visual Computing Software Products, Intel Corporation

Jeff manages the Intel team responsible for creating software developer tools and platform technologies that enable optimal visual computing experiences across Intel’s data center, client, and Internet of Things market segments. His two-decade career at Intel has spanned research, product development and business creation, with the common thread of enabling exceptional visual computing experiences for Intel customers. Jeff has secured more than 20 patents and has published multiple papers, primarily in the field of video compression and processing.

Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Duke University and a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University

Lindsay Michelet, AI Marketing/Messaging Strategist, Intel Corporation

Lindsay Michelet is an AI marketing and messaging strategist with a passion for honest storytelling about the real-world impact of Intel products and solutions. Her background includes 16+ years of integrated B2B marcom strategy and account direction with expertise in building messaging and content platforms, partner marketing programs, and go-to-market campaigns for a variety of industries and initiatives including AI, IoT, and autonomous driving. As part of the AI Marketing team, Lindsay oversees cross-Intel AI messaging strategy and execution. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Marketing from Portland State University in Oregon.

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