AI Analytics PART 1: Optimize End-to-End Data Science and Machine Learning Acceleration

It’s an AI world, with nearly every global industry applying artificial intelligence to new (and old) processes, use cases, and applications. The opportunities are endless, as are the competitive advantages that come with AI-based software solutions optimized for potent hardware.

If you’re a data scientist, developer, or researcher, the machinations of AI are your playground—ML/DL workloads, training deep neural networks, integrating trained models into apps for inference.

Which is why this webinar is for you. (And, in fact, the entire 3-part series.)

Its focus: The Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit (aka AI Kit), a powerful set of familiar Python tools to accelerate each step in the AI application pipeline.

In Part 1 of a 3-part series, join Saumya Satish—product manager for AI Products—to learn how the AI Kit delivers drop-in acceleration for Intel® architectures, helping you drastically improve productivity while achieving top-model accuracy.

Saumya, together with software engineer Lance Atencio, will cover:

  • An overview of the AI Kit and its developer benefits
  • How to accelerate data science and machine learning workflows
  • How to model training and inference on Intel architectures
  • How to optimize the Python data science tool chain with minimal code changes and run end-to-end workloads right out of the box

Get the software
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Saumya Satish, Product Marketing Engineer, Intel Corporation

Saumya is a Product Manager for AI software products, with a focus on deep learning and data analytics technologies. She is passionate about the developer ecosystem and keen to provide the right set of tools that help developers build innovative applications, particularly AI and machine learning domains. Since joining Intel in 2011, she has worked as a Research Scientist and Technical Evangelist on some of Intel’s Imaging and Computer Vision software products. Saumya holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Florida, Gainesville. A native of India, she is currently based in San Jose, California.

Lance Atencio, Software Applications Engineer, Intel Corporation

Lance has over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of edge-to-cloud software development roles–from developing applications and solutions to customer consulting. Joining Intel in 2000, his most recent work focuses on Deep Learning and discrete GPUs. Lance holds both a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Masters in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico.

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