Analyze System Power & Thermal Behaviors

Intel® System Studio offers a lot of versatility for a lot of developers—from those focused on device manufacturing to system integration to IoT app development.

This webinar looks at system and application power and thermal analysis using Intel® SoC Watch, which is included in the tool suite.

Join tech specialists Joel Lin and Thorsten Moeller for a full-spectrum overview of this in-depth energy-analysis tool, including:

  • How to achieve maximum performance in a given power budget
  • Quickly analyzing thermal throttling-induced performance slowdown
  • Analyzing workload impact on system thermals
  • How to optimize system and platform design
  • Optimizing for maximum possible system load without triggering temperature and thermal limits
  • Analyzing energy footprint for various compute sub-systems in a heterogeneous configuration
  • Monitoring system/component energy data and temperature metrics

Get the software

Be sure to download the latest release of Intel® System Studio 2020, FREE. (The free license is backed by community forum support.)

Joel Lin, Software Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation

Joel is a Technical Consulting Engineer specializing in power and performance analysis tools for the Embedded/IoT segment. His 10+ years of software development experience spans drivers, media codecs, and performance optimizations on Windows* and Linux* operating systems.

Joel holds a Master’s of Science in Computer Science from National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan.

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