Cross-Architecture Programming For IoT is Here

Whether you develop for smaller IoT devices or larger scale edge systems, it’s essential to ensure your workloads are fast and reliable and can leverage the cutting-edge features of modern cross-architecture hardware.

A new toolkit can help you meet those needs: the Intel® oneAPI Base & IoT Toolkit. A fusion of the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit and the Intel® oneAPI IoT Toolkit, this combined product delivers all the tools developers need to help with system design, development, and deployment across Intel® CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs.

Join Senior Product Engineer Thorsten Moeller for a complete tour, including these capabilities and benefits:

  • Build. New Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) language support provides performance across CPU, GPU, and FPGA architectures for IoT application development.
  • Analyze. New and improved analysis and debug tools allow you to find performance bottlenecks fast in CPU, GPU, and FPGA systems, and help improve vectorization, threading, and offloading to accelerators.
  • Libraries. New and improved pre-optimized libraries—including deep learning, math, and video and media processing—accelerate compute-intense workloads.


  • Sign up for an Intel® DevCloud for oneAPI account—a free development sandbox with access to the latest Intel® hardware and oneAPI software.
  • Explore oneAPI, including developer opportunities and benefits
  • Learn more about the DPC++ language
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Thorsten Moeller, Senior Product Manager, Intel Corporation

Thorsten Moeller is a Senior Product Manager for Intel software development tools focused on Edge/IoT and heterogeneous computing environments. Joining Intel in 2005, he has over 20 years’ experience in the areas of embedded system software, mobile, and enterprise computing, and worked at companies including SAG Systemhaus GmbH, Software AG, and Sarvega, Inc. Thorsten has an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt.

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