Debugging for Success and Accelerated Platform Bring-Up

Speeding up a system bring-up and solving bring-up problems in new designs is vital for system and embedded engineers and software developers. Intel® System Debugger, a key part of the Intel® System Studio, provides in-depth debugging and tracing of system software and IoT applications based on Intel® architecture, and is ideal for initial platform bring-up and debugging of firmware, BIOS, operating systems, and device drivers. It allows developers to stop the entire system and inspect code that otherwise could not be debugged with an application debugger.

This short webinar breaks down:

  • The structure, debugging tools, and the supported probes of Intel System Studio
  • System Debug, System Trace, and WinDbg* extension tools
  • Two case studies where Intel System Debugger defeated two different hang issues
Soflen Shih, Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation

Soflen has been with Intel since 2013, and works in the Software Services Group, helping internal and external customers to power-on and debug platforms with Intel® System Debugger. He is expert at enabling system debugging tools on customer platforms, collecting feedback and usage cases to make Intel software tools more user-friendly and helpful. He has nine publications and 8 patents to his credit. Soflen earned Ph.D. and BS degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Tamkang University, Taiwan.

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