Fast System Bring-up And Reliable System Software

Fast system bring-up can convey a competitive advantage to device manufacturers, system integrators, or IoT software providers. To accelerate the process, platform and system-level problems must be uncovered and corrected quickly.

Intel® System Debugger is designed to help developers do exactly that. With in-depth debugging and tracing capabilities, this tool speeds system bring-up and streamlines development of system software and network applications.

Join Technical Consulting Engineer Johny Paul for a tour of the Intel System Debugger, including:

  • An introduction to its main capabilities such as views of the system state, and the software that is executing and interacting with that state
  • How to quickly analyze complex hardware and software interactions, and use tracing to pinpoint and resolve system issues
  • How to efficiently use source-level debug during any phase of EFI, from reset to OS boot
  • How to debug completely halted Windows* systems using Intel® Debug Extensions for WinDbg*, including early boot, hibernate, drivers, and interrupts

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Johny Paul, Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation

Johny is a Technical Consulting Engineer who specializes in system bring-up and performance analysis, embedded systems, computer vision, and robotics.

His experience includes development of firmware components for motion control on industrial robots used in clinical automation; performance modeling for multi-core processors; and development of hardware accelerators for image processing, face recognition on FPGA, and device drivers for various embedded systems.

Johny holds a Phd from the Technical University of Munich.

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