Fine-Tune Your System for Power and Performance with Advanced Analysis Tools

How can you best ensure complex IoT systems are delivering optimal performance? One way is to watch this webinar which takes a deep dive into Intel® System Studio—a dedicated tool suite for system bring-up and IoT development on the latest Intel® platforms—including two of its key component tools: Intel® VTune™ Amplifier and Intel® Energy Profiler.

In less than an hour you’ll see demos of how these advanced analysis tools deliver comprehensive insight for even the most complex systems. Topics covered:

  • The many ways Intel System Studio tools gather and deliver data that helps you turn your code and system into a model of efficiency and performance
  • How Intel Energy Profiler can reduce power consumption and extend battery life
  • Performance analysis of OpenMP* applications, OpenCL™ kernels, and GPU offload
  • Python* and mixed Python / C++ / FORTRAN profiling
  • Memory access optimizations and storage analysis
Lavanya Chocalingam , Software Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation

Formerly with Intel Corporation, Lavanya now works as a Solutions Consultant at AppDynamics in San Francisco, California.

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