GeoVision Gets a 24x Deep Learning Algorithm Performance Boost

Digital security and surveillance (DSS) is a highly competitive, fast-changing industry constantly under pressure to build cutting-edge solutions that deliver real-time results.

GeoVision is a preeminent player in the DSS game—it’s one of the Top Security 30 companies in the world with customers in 110 countries.

In this webinar, find out how the company maximized the performance of their hardware by using Intel® Software Tools to optimize computer vision and deep learning workloads.

The result? A whopping 24x performance gain for its deep learning algorithm, which translates to a huge efficiency advantage for GeoVision Customers.

Get the software

  • Intel® System Studio—All-in-one suite for building, debugging, and tuning applications using C, C++, Java, and Python* programming languages.
  • Intel® VTune™ Amplifier—Advanced sampling and profiling techniques quickly analyze your code, isolate issues, and deliver insights for optimizing performance on modern processors.
  • Intel® Math Kernel Library—Optimizes code with minimal effort for future generations of Intel® processors. One of five free Intel® Performance Libraries
  • Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit—Stand-alone tool set for maximizing deep learning inference performance on Intel® processors and accelerato

OpenVINO is a trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Joel Lin, Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation

Joel is a Technical Consulting Engineer specializing in power and performance analysis tools for the Embedded/IoT segment. With a passion for new and novel technologies—currently AI and Deep Learning—his 10+ years of software development experience spans drivers, media codecs, and performance optimizations on Windows* and Linux* operating systems.

Joel holds a Master’s of Science in Computer Science from National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan.

Cary Pai, Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation

Cary is Technical Consulting Engineer specializing in computer vision hardware and software, including vision computing using Intel® RealSense™, and driver and application development on Windows* and Linux* operating systems.

Joining Intel in 2010, his current focus is deep learning using the Intel® Distribution for OpenVINO™ toolkit, and he can regularly be found training developers on using the tool to optimize vision solutions for Intel® architecture.

In his spare time, Cary’s passions include basketball and cars. He holds a Master’s of Science in Management Information Systems from Tamkang University, Taiwan.

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