Hitting the Roof(line): Should I Optimize for Compute, Memory, or Both?

Building and deploying applications that run efficiently on modern hardware is. not. easy. Even the most adroit developers often struggle to understand performance in relation to hardware limitations, including memory bandwidth and computational peaks.

Enter Intel® Advisor’s Roofline Analysis, a feature that lets you visualize actual performance against hardware-imposed performance ceilings (rooflines). This analysis provides developers with an optimization strategy to squeeze maximum performance out of their code with minimal time or effort.

Intrigued? Join Kevin O’Leary—a Senior Software Developer and Technical Consulting Engineer—to get the Intel Advisor details, including:

  • How roofline analysis helps you optimize code for both memory and compute
  • How memory-access analysis helps you eliminate issues that can cause slowdown of vector code
  • Application-specific optimization recommendations
  • A demonstration of Intel Advisor’s capabilities using a real-world particle physics application

Get the software

  • Intel Advisor – standalone—Download this free version.
  • Intel Advisor as part of Intel® Parallel Studio XE—Sample Intel Advisor with a complementary suite of 10+ additional development tools focused on parallel programming and productivity. Free 30-day trial.
  • Intel Advisor as part of Intel® System Studio—For device manufacturers, integrators, and IoT developers, access Intel Advisor as part of this suite that simplifies system bring-up and speeds IoT application development. Free 1-year renewable license.
Kevin O'Leary, Lead Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation

Kevin O’Leary is a Senior Software Developer and Lead Technical Consulting Engineer whose expertise includes compilers, debuggers, and software performance tools. He’s currently responsible for performance optimization using Intel® Advisor and Intel® VTune™ Amplifier, and was a key developer of Intel® Parallel Studio XE development suite. Prior to joining Intel, Kevin spent many years as a debugger engineer for IBM/Rational Software.

Kevin holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts and a Master’s in Computer Science from Oregon Health and Science University.

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