Industrial Cybersecurity: Zero-Touch Provisioning

IoT Industrial Cloud systems are rapidly maturing as packaged systems that can sense, collect, analyze, and drive action on edge devices. However, the software-based device security and manual/proprietary provisioning methods delivered by platform providers are preventing deployments from scaling.

Tune in to this pre-recorded webinar—more of a virtual conference—where a panel of seasoned experts take a deep dive into secure provisioning for industrial devices. Topics include:

  • Decomposing the industrial data pipeline
  • Demonstrating where device management security services instrumented for hardware security can be applied to build a connected security model that attests, provisions, updates, and manages devices
  • Why automated secure device provisioning (i.e., without human intervention) is the key scaling element to place more devices into service and accelerate value from the Industrial Cloud

Your Hosts:

  • Greg Orloff, Senior Analyst & Chief Innovation Officer, IIoT World
  • Lucian Fogoros, Co-Founder, IIoT World

The Panel:

  • Guy AlLee, Product Manager, Internet of Things Security, Intel
  • Sid Snitkin, Vice President, Cybersecurity Services, ARC Advisory Group
  • Dean Weber, Chief Technology Officer, Mocana

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