Introducing Next-Gen Development Tools for HPC

Get an introduction to the Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit, a new workhorse product for high-performance computing. Built on Intel’s award-winning compilers, libraries, and analysis tools, it supports the oneAPI initiative’s standards-driven, cross-architecture language (DPC++); is built on ISO C++ and SYCL; and is interoperable with existing standards of C/C++, Fortran, OpenMP, and MPI.

Join Intel technical product engineers Mike Lee and Kevin O’Leary to learn about this new combined toolkit, including:

  • What it is, the tools it contains, and how it can help you develop and deploy applications across heterogeneous architectures
  • How it supports a wide range of processors: Intel® Xeon® Scalable and Core™ processors, Intel® GPUs, and FPGAs
  • The transition from Intel® Parallel Studio XE to the new Intel oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit


  • Sign up for an Intel® DevCloud for oneAPI account—a free development sandbox with access to the latest Intel® hardware and oneAPI software.
  • Explore oneAPI, including developer opportunities and benefits
  • Learn more about the DPC++ language
  • Subscribe to the POD—Code Together is an interview series that explores the challenges at the forefront of cross-architecture development. Each bi-weekly episode features industry VIPs who are blazing new trails through today’s data-centric world. Available wherever you get your podcasts.
Mike Lee, Senior Product Marketing Engineer, Intel Corporation

Mike Lee is a Senior Product Marketing Engineer at Intel. He leads efforts in marketing Intel’s software development tools—compilers, analysis tools, and performance libraries—focused on the technical, enterprise, and cloud computing segments. Prior to joining Intel in 2011, Mike held a variety of roles spanning consumer electronics and industrial/scientific instrumentation design at the integrated circuit level, board level and software system design level. Mike holds a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering (SMEE) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Kevin O’Leary, Software Developer and Lead Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation

Kevin O’Leary is a Senior Software Developer and Lead Technical Consulting Engineer whose expertise includes compilers, debuggers, and software performance tools. He’s currently responsible for performance optimization using Intel® Advisor and Intel® VTune™ Profiler and was a key developer of the Intel® Parallel Studio XE development suite. Prior to joining Intel, Kevin spent many years as a debugger engineer for IBM/Rational Software.

Kevin holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts and a Master’s in Computer Science from Oregon Health and Science University.

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