Python* Development at the Edge

Modern computing solutions have seen monster-scale increases in the volume of raw data that must be collected and processed from sensors and actuators.

It’s a phenomenon further emphasized by the emergence of smart, autonomous systems that require visual cognition and control under strict latency requirements.

Result? The need for efficient number crunching—using increasingly powerful devices—is growing at the IoT edge. But … bandwidth is still at a premium and workloads collected at the edge vary significantly based on industry.

Enter Intel® System Studio 2019 with Python* language support.

Join Intel’s Tudor Panu for a comprehensive tour of the new software suite, including:

  • How its integration of Python makes it the ideal solution for quick data processing needs and analytics using a variety of Intel® Software Performance Libraries
  • An overview of Python support in the tool suite (Pydev plugin support)
  • Exploring included code samples and techniques for Python application development
  • IDE synergy with the Intel® Distribution for Python*

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Mihai Tudor Panu, Software Architect, Intel Corporation

Tudor is a Software Architect whose focus is the Internet of Things (IoT) side of Intel® System Studio tool suite. He is particularly invested in simplifying the developer experience when working with sensors and actuators, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and virtualization across end-to-end IoT solutions.

He has one IEEE journal publication, co-authored several IEEE and ACM proceedings, served as a member of the Intel Global IoT DevFest series technical committee, and can often be found presenting technical sessions at events and trade shows.

Tudor holds a Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, where he specialized in low-level ALU (arithmetic logic unit) design and fast function approximations for finite precision systems.

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