Run HPC Apps on CPUs and Xe GPUs using Intel® C++/Fortran Compilers with OpenMP*

If you’re an HPC-focused developer, you likely program and use AI applications that run solely on high-end CPUs … even if the compute power across multiple processing units might be a better performance fit.

So how can you simplify and expedite use of both a CPU and an Xe GPU?

One way is by using OpenMP* coupled with optimized Intel® C/C++ and Fortran compilers.

Join Senior Principal Engineer Xinmin Tian to unpack the possibilities of this CPU-to-GPU offloading model, including:

  • A brief overview of the OpenMP 5.0 standard
  • A deep dive into Intel’s LLVM compiler technology for OpenMP offloading support
  • The performance impact on SPEC ACCEL* OpenMP workloads and kernels with different code-generations schemes

Get the software

Download the Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit, which contains 6 optimized tools and libraries for high-performance computing including Intel® C++ and Fortran compilers.

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Xinmin Tian, Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation

Xinmin Tian is a Senior Principal Engineer and Compiler Architect responsible for driving compiler OpenMP, offloading, vectorization, and parallelization technologies into current and future Intel® architecture. His current focus is on programming languages for Intel® oneAPI Toolkits for CPU and Xe accelerators, compilers, and application performance tuning. Xinmin holds 27 U.S. patents, has authored over 60 technical papers, and co-authored 3 books that span his expertise. Xinmin holds a PhD from University of San Francisco.

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