Runtimes in the Datacenter: Evolving Performance Benchmarks

Runtime programming languages are seeing unprecedented growth in the data center, and they can make or break the value proposition of a platform.

The reasons? Dramatic changes in software development for the cloud and increased pressure on developers to more quickly deploy enterprise-grade applications.

If data center programming is part of your world, tune into this discussion for insights into:

  • The impact and value of runtime programming languages to usages such as containers, micro-services, PaaS, serverless computing, and hyperscale
  • How developers can leverage runtimes to speed time-to-market for data center applications
  • The latest releases delivering best performance (e.g., Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, and more)
  • Instructive use cases featuring Walmart Lab*, Facebook* and Instagram*, Python Django*, and WordPress* PHP*7
  • Intel’s work with the broad industry ecosystem to develop new performance benchmarks and help developers accelerate time to innovation
David Stewart , Senior Director of Data Center Software Technology, Intel Corporation

David Stewart is Senior Director of Data Center Software Technology in Intel’s Software & Services Group, a global team advancing core data center software in the areas of cloud, dynamic languages, databases, middleware, and virtualization. David has spent his career as an operating systems and compiler expert—starting with Unix in 1980. David serves on various boards including the Yocto Project Advisory Board and the CE Linux Working Group, both part of the Linux Foundation. Prior to joining Intel in 1997, David held management and engineering positions in consumer software product development and operating system development, including Sequent, Tektronix, and CFI. David holds a MS in Computer Science from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, and is a regular keynote speaker at over 50 global technical conferences.

Monica Ene-Pietrosanu, Software Engineering Director, Intel Corporation

Monica Ene-Pietrosanu is a Software Engineering Director with Intel’s Software & Services Group where she leads a team of performance engineers and compiler experts in optimizing runtimes for the most popular scripting languages used in enterprise and cloud applications. Prior to her current role, she led worldwide software engineering teams in the delivery of firmware-to-cloud software management stacks, aligned to evolving data center manageability standards. Prior to joining Intel, Monica spent 13 years with Microsoft focusing on operating systems development and security architectures for public key infrastructures, identity management, authentication systems, and file system encryption technologies. Monica holds a PhD in Computer Science from University “Politehnica” of Bucharest (her thesis was in security protocols for distributed systems) and five US patents related to security and encryption technologies.

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