Tips & Tricks to Accelerate Your System Bring-up Experience

The Intel® System Bring-up Toolkit is a versatile tool suite with broad-ranging benefits for device manufacturers, system integrators, and application developers.

Join Intel Technical Consulting Engineer Johny Paul to learn how the 2020 release of this Toolkit simplifies the tasks and challenges associated with bringing systems into service. He’ll discuss:

  • Troubleshooting BIOS, bootloader, and OS driver-related issues with the improved Intel® System Debugger
  • Using System Trace to trace system hardware and firmware activity and debug complicated issues that involve several system components
  • Verifying SoC power and thermal issues such as C-state residency or CPU frequency throttling
  • Profiling system performance to ensure your workload efficiently utilizes system resources

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Johny Paul, Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation

Johny is a Technical Consulting Engineer who specializes in system bring-up and performance analysis, embedded systems, computer vision, and robotics.

His experience includes development of firmware components for motion control on industrial robots used in clinical automation; performance modeling for multi-core processors; and development of hardware accelerators for image processing, face recognition on FPGA, and device drivers for various embedded systems.

Johny holds a PhD from the Technical University of Munich.

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