Tips & Tricks to Accelerate Your System Bring-up Experience

Intel® System Studio is a versatile tool suite with broad-ranging benefits for device manufacturers, system integrators, and IoT application developers.

This webinar looks at one of its core uses: system bring-up.

Join Intel Technical Consulting Engineer Johny Paul to learn how the latest 2020 release of the Studio simplifies the tasks and challenges associated with bringing systems into service. He’ll discuss:

  • Troubleshooting BIOS, bootloader, and OS driver-related issues with the improved Intel® System Debugger
  • Using System Trace to trace system hardware and firmware activity and debug complicated issues that involve several system components
  • Verifying SoC power and thermal issues such as C-state residency or CPU frequency throttling
  • Profiling system performance to ensure your workload efficiently utilizes system resources

Get the software
Be sure to download the 2020 edition of Intel® System Studio, FREE. (The free license is backed by community forum support.)

Johny Paul, Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation

Johny is a Technical Consulting Engineer who specializes in system bring-up and performance analysis, embedded systems, computer vision, and robotics.

His experience includes development of firmware components for motion control on industrial robots used in clinical automation; performance modeling for multi-core processors; and development of hardware accelerators for image processing, face recognition on FPGA, and device drivers for various embedded systems.

Johny holds a PhD from the Technical University of Munich.

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