What's New in Intel® System Studio 2020?

February 2020 marks Intel® System Studio’s 7th year of helping device manufacturers, system integrators, and IoT application developers more quickly go from prototype to product—this includes accelerating development of connected devices, boosting performance and power efficiency, and strengthening system reliability.

The new release keeps it going, with improvements and advancements to support your 2020 needs.

Join senior technical consulting engineer Jeff Reinemann for a comprehensive overview of the latest suite, including these highlights:

  • Intel® VTune™ Profiler’s new capability (called Intel® Processor Trace) to identify performance issues by capturing exact trace and instruction breakdowns
  • Performance bottleneck analysis in storage and networking systems that leverage the open source Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) or Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)
  • A tour of the newly designed Intel® System Debugger interface

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Download the webinar slides.

Jeffrey Reinemann, Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation

Jeffrey is a Technical Consulting Engineer at Intel responsible for supporting key Intel® System Studio tool suite components—including its energy and performance profilers and analyzers. In his 26 years with the company, Jeffrey has been involved in numerous software technology strategies and solutions, including Intel® Software Asset Manager, anti-theft technology, prototyping and analysis of PC usage model solutions, client PC management and power management architecture, and quality assurance programs for real-time operating systems and PC BIOS. Jeffrey has a M.S. in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and a B.S. in Computer Sciences and Mathematics from Carroll University in Waukesha, WI.

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