Optimizing HPC Clusters: Meeting the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

Nico Mittenzwey Senior HPC Engineer, Megware Computer

Mike Lee Technical, Enterprise and Cloud Segment Marketing Manager, Intel

As high performance computing (HPC) moves far beyond its traditional users to the domains of AI, machine learning, enterprises and the cloud, and heterogeneous programming becomes the norm, Nico Mittenzwey, senior HPC engineer at Megware Computer, and Mike Lee, technical, enterprise and cloud segment marketing manager at Intel, discuss the considerations in optimizing HPC clusters and applications. Nico explains how the Intel MPI Library has helped Megware and its customers rise to these challenges, providing real-world examples of two of the company’s most recent projects. He also explores the challenges of fragmentation in heterogeneous computing environments, and how a single, common programming model can help address these challenges.

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