SciVis Unveils a Billion Cells, Covid-19 & Invisible Monsters

Teodora (Dora) Szasz computational scientist, Research Computing Center of University of Chicago

Donna Nemshick performance validation lead, Intel Advanced Rendering & Visualization Architecture Group

Scientific visualization (SciVis) is providing new insights in health care and many other research areas in ways that we couldn’t imagine a decade ago. It’s an evolving field where extracting visualizations from very large data sets can improve analysis, diagnosis and patient outcomes while reducing costs – or even uncover hidden discrimination. Hear from Teodora (Dora) Szasz of the University of Chicago and Donna Nemshick of Intel on how SciVis can be transformative in areas such as understanding a billion simulated cells for tumors, creating the Covid-19 model, pioneering medical care, and even studying images in children’s books for gender inequality. Listen in. [25:51]

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