Collecting Processor Trace in Intel® System Debugger

This video demonstrates how to collect Intel® Processor Trace (Intel® PT) using Intel® System Debugger, a part of Intel® System Studio. Intel PT helps you identify issues you may not find by looking at the original call stack. Get more information here.

Juhi Batra, TCE

Juhi Batra is a technical consulting software engineer in the Computer Vision and Core Group (CVCG) at Intel Corporation. Her team works on the Intel® System Studio product and helps developers enable the tool on their systems. Juhi’ s area of expertise is debugging tools inside Intel® System Studio, but she also coordinates with the product launch team and provides support for product testing, creating release documentation, technical training, and demos. Juhi earned her master of science degree in electrical and computer engineering from Portland State University in computer architecture and design in 2017. She joined in Intel as an intern in 2016 and has been with the company since then.

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