Debug your Threading and Memory Errors

Finding and debugging memory and threading errors early in the software development cycle will save money and time. However, memory errors and difficult-to-reproduce threading errors can be difficult to find without the right tool.

In this session, you will also learn about Intel® Inspector – a dynamic memory and threading error debugger for C, C+ and Fortran that helps to:

  • Locate and debug non-deterministic threading errors such as data races, deadlocks and more
  • Detect memory errors such as leaks, corruption, invalid accesses and more
  • Diagnose errors faster with debugger integration

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Kevin O'leary, Lead Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation

Kevin O’Leary is a lead technical consulting engineer in Intel’s CVCG’s Developer Products Division. He was one of original software developers of the Intel® Inspector product. Prior to coming to Intel he was a debugger developer in the IBM/Rational Apex product line.

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