IoT eWorkshop for the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit

It’s a “smart video” world with increasing numbers of diverse industries leveraging the power of computer vision (CV) and machine learning/deep learning (ML/DL) to meet customer and business expectations. 

Sound like your wheelhouse?

If so, this 8-part video series is a great starting point, delivering a step-wise introduction to the Intel® Distribution for OpenVINO™ toolkit —a free tool that enables optimized inference at the edge for CV and ML/DL applications.

All in less than 28 minutes.

Here’s the run-down of each video:

Video 1: Introduction to the Series. The stage-setting overview of the entire series. [3:05 mins]

Video 2: Introduction to the OpenVINO toolkit. A quick tutorial of video analytics at the edge and overview of OpenVINO’s components (including how they help you deploy your apps on Intel® silicon). [4:10 mins]

Video 3: Model Optimizer. A focus on one of the main components of OpenVINO toolkit for model conversion. [4:19 mins]

Video 4: Inference Engine. A focus on another main component, including how the execution engine uses a common API to deliver inference solutions on the platform of your choice: CPU, GPU, VPU, or FPGA. [3:36 mins]

Video 5: Hardware Heterogeneity and Intel® Neural Compute Stick. An overview of this plugin and how it helps you run your application on different hardware using the inference engine API, including on the CPU, integrated GPU, Intel® NCS (formerly Movidius Neural Compute Stick), and FPGA. [2:47 mins]

Video 6: Optimization Techniques Using The OpenVINO Toolkit. The title says it all. Get your optimization on for DL inference. [2:45 mins]

Video 7: Advanced Video Analytics. Examples of pre-trained models included in the toolkit, including how to use them for advanced analytics. [2:59 mins]

Video 8: Summary of the Smart Video Training Series. Quick recap of the things you’ve learned in this IoT workshop, and information about more resources that can help you in your development. [3:08 mins]

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