Quick-Tips Series: Intel® Distribution for Python*

If your focus is data science, machine learning, numerical computing, or HPC, chances are good that you use Python* … or want to.

Makes sense. Python is extremely easy to learn (even for newbies), easy to use, and highly productive—it takes fewer lines of code to perform the same operations, so programs take less time to develop.


Then tune in to this 5-part video series hosted by Microsoft .NET program manager and Twitch.tv personality Jeff Fritz, where he’ll cover the basics and take a few deep dives to demonstrate how the latest release of Intel® Distribution for Python* —alone and in collaboration with other popular software tools and libraries—can help you quickly create highly performant applications.

Watch them in order, or pick and choose what interests you. All are under 8 minutes.

Here’s the run-down of each:

Video 1: Get Started with the Intel Distribution for Python on Windows*. Jeff shows you how to configure and start using Intel’s Python distribution with Visual Studio* code. He also runs a simple benchmark to illustrate some of the speed improvements included in the distribution. [5:13 mins]

Video 2: Python Random Number Generation Performance. Jeff looks at the performance of random number generation using the Intel Python distribution. [7:51 mins]

Video 3: Jupyter Notebook* with Python and Intel. Jeff checks out Jupyter Notebook—a powerful tool for interactively developing and presenting data science projects—with Python and Docker, and starts using the Intel distribution to get improved performance from the Python interpreter. [6:00 mins]

Video 4: Visual Studio 2019 and Python. Jeff shows how to get started with Visual Studio 2019 and Python. He even installs and uses the Intel Distribution for Python to show how you can use multiple Python distributions and easily change between them in Visual Studio. [5:22 mins]

Video 5: Analyzing Twitch* Channel Viewership with Python and Intel. Jeff pulls together what he’s learned about Python and Jupyter Notebook to do some analysis on the viewership of his Twitch channel. What factors can he alter to increase viewership? [7:58 mins]

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Download the Intel® Distribution for Python* now. It’s free.

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Jeffrey T. Fritz, Microsoft .NET Program Manager and Twitch Partner Streamer

Known to colleagues and fans as simply “Fritz”, Jeff is a Program Manager for Microsoft on the ASP.NET and .NET Community Outreach teams. His current responsibilities include leading the ASP.NET Web Forums and WCF (Windows* Communication Foundation) teams, managing the MSDN Web Developer Tools blog, planning and assisting in the delivery of all .NET and Visual Studio developer content at major conferences, and managing Microsoft MVP program interactions with Visual Studio and .NET product teams.

He is the author of several e-books about ASP.NET development practices, and he has over 15 years of experience building large-scale, multi-tenant web applications in the software-as-a-service model. Additionally, he’s a regular speaker at developer events through the INETA speaker program.

Fritz holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Sciences and Information Systems from Penn State University.

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