Using Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit to Address HPC Visualization Workloads

In under 2 minutes, Intel Visualization Software Engineer Jefferson Amstutz takes you through three demos showcasing how the Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit helps developers create high-performance computing (HPC) visualizations.

Demo 1. A radiation simulation from Argonne National Laboratory based on the interactive rendering of 1.5 TB of data made possible through Intel® Optane memory technology.

Demo 2. In-situ rendering of a Boson star simulation from the Stephen Hawking Center for Theoretical Cosmology and the University of Cambridge. This demo runs remotely using an application from Texas Advanced Computing Center’s (TACC) Frontera* system.

Demo 3. Also running from Frontera, this illustrates Intel® OPSRay—one of the RenderKit libraries—and its distributed memory ray tracing capabilities to render data sets at massive scale.

Watch. [1:35]

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  • Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit, which contains FIVE rendering libraries: Intel® Embree, Intel® Open Image Denoise, Intel® OpenSWR, Intel® Open Volume Kernel Library, and Intel® OSPRay.
Jefferson Amstutz, Visualization Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
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