Yocto* Project Support in Intel® oneAPI IoT Toolkit

Note: the great tools found in Intel® System Studio are now available in the Intel® oneAPI Base & IoT Toolkit.

The Intel® oneAPI IoT Toolkit has added straightforward Yocto* Project configuration and building tools to make Yocto Project platform building easier and more intuitive and efficient. See how the combined Intel® oneAPI Base & IoT Toolkit supports configuring and building Yocto* platform projects in the Eclipse* IDE for better user experiences. This feature uses Toaster*, the Web interface to Bitbake*, the build system used by Yocto Project. Toaster lets you configure and run your Linux* platform builds and provides information and statistics about the build process.

Get the software

Download the Intel® oneAPI IoT Toolkit to swiftly create Yocto Project* based Linux* kernels.

Already have the IoT Kit or need additional tools? Download the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit – a core set of tools and libraries to create cross-architecture applications, including all those showcased in this webinar

Jon Kim, Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation

Jon Kim is a technical consulting engineer in the Core and Visual Computing Group at Intel Corporation, helping customers enhance their development process using Intel® System Studio. His goal is to provide education and support to help developers debug, analyze, and optimize their products using Intel® Software Tools.

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