NEW PODCAST: Let’s Code Together

At the Forefront of Cross-Architecture Development

As machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and other data-intensive workloads have emerged, today’s development environment has become increasingly complex. Developers now live in a heterogeneous world, with the need to program across a plethora of hardware architectures. As Erik Lindahl, Biophysics Professor at Stockholm University explains, “We probably have half a dozen CPU architectures, we have GPU accelerators, the CPU is starting to look like an accelerator itself. We have FPGAs. There’s no end to this diversity, which on one hand is great fun, but we only have a limited amount of resources, and I’m not even thinking money, I’m thinking brain power.”

No doubt, the challenges are daunting. And the race to simplify cross-architecture development has driven an exciting evolution in technologies across our software ecosystem.

We’re launching a new interview series, Code Together, that explores these challenges at the forefront of cross-architecture development, through bi-weekly podcasts. We’ll talk with those across the industry who are forging a path on this often treacherous journey through an increasingly diverse, data-centric world.

The series explores various aspects of this software ecosystem, from languages, compilers and libraries to other software development tools.

First, Alice Chan, Vice President and General Manager of Compiler Engineering at Intel, and Hal Finkel, Lead for Compiler Technology and Programming Languages at Argonne National Lab, talk about the important shift to modern C++ programming models, and how the industry is uniting through the oneAPI initiative, and DPC++, to bring much-needed portable performance to today’s developers.

We’re also excited about some of the upcoming episodes. Geoff Lowney, Intel Senior Fellow and oneAPI architect, and Andrew Richards, Codeplay Software CEO, share how this vital, industry-wide initiative benefits from the insights of earlier community-driven efforts, and why it’s different. And we explore the evolution in math libraries that ensures we can process the extraordinary amounts of data we generate every day, with Julia Sukharina, Intel Senior Engineering Manager, and Mehdi Goli, Codeplay Software Principal Software Engineer.

We invite you to listen to the episodes and share the series with your friends and colleagues. We’re interested in hearing from you: share your comments with us, tell us what you’d like to hear about, and help shape this series. Join the conversation at

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